Our Services


Mental health (depression anxiety etc) counselling

Alcohol and other drug counselling

Sexual abuse counselling

Relationship counselling

PMDD (pre menstrual dysphoric disorder) counselling

Brain Injury counselling

Forensic (crime) counselling

Grief counselling

Trauma counselling

Assertiveness and communication skills counselling

Abuse counselling

Self development counselling


Work issues counselling  (burn out bullying conflict etc)

Personal issues counselling

Family issues counselling

Medical issues (fear worry  coping strategies) counselling

Self esteem counselling

Personality development/discovery counselling


Work place services:

Mediation (conflict)

Restorative Practice

Coaching (for managers and team leaders)


Work shops (see above)

Workshops and Training:

Bullying in the workplace (maintaining a bully free work place)

Burn out (for professionals)

Anger management

Sexual Harassment (maintaining a sexual harassment free work place)

Relaxation (Learning relaxation strategies)

Marijuana (facts and effects)

Karpmans Drama Triangle (keeping the drama out of your relationships)

Healthy relationships in the work place

Addictions (individuals using) or concerned other wanting coping strategies

Healthy relationships (identifying and maintain healthy intimate relationships)

Dating (recognizing your own patterns, dating tips, identifying the start of unhealthy relationship)

Boundaries (professionals working with clients)

Boundaries (for self, keeping safe, saying no)

Brain Injury and alcohol and drug use

Mental health & alcohol and drug use

Motivational interviewing / wheel of change

Shame and guilt (letting go)

Enneagram (personality model to understand self and others)

Stress management

Basic communication skills (listening, empathy and responding)


Team health (for managers and team leaders)

Can design a work shop to meet your needs





What is  clinical supervision or professional supervision?

Workplace clinical supervision or professional supervision is for managers, team leaders or working professionals facing daily stressful challenges.  The purpose is to enable people to grow both as individuals and as working professionals.

Clinical supervision or professional supervision provides a safe, confidential supportive process for people to explore the content, process of their work or personal issues that may impact on their work performance.

Clinical supervision or professional supervision is best utilized once a month or as/when needed.

What sort of things could I discuss in  clinical supervision or professional supervision?

Managing difficult behavior


Explore coping strategies

Safety/risk issues

Management issues



Staffing issues

Ethical issues

Skills, training, or education

Goal setting

Case management

Organizational issues

Work/life balance

Communication skills

Possible benefits for employers for clinical supervision or professional supervision

Reduction in stress levels

Increased morale

Decrease in staff turnover rates

Can reduce feelings of “burn out”

Increased performance

Possible reduction in staff complaints

Safe practice

Healthier relationships

What we do…

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Couples Counselling   Group Work   Family Court   Addiction counselling

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