Advantages of using Online Counselling and professional supervision or clinical supervision

  • Convenient – any time (good for shift workers), whatever suits you
  • Flexible – you control everything, receive help when you want it
  • Can deal with embarrassing issues without having to see anyone
  • Your anonymity is protected
  • No need to take time off work good for shift workers
  • Receive specialized help no matter where you live in the world (even rural!)
  • You decide the process eg chat, email, face to face (skype)or phone
  • Don’t have to worrying about parking
  • Don’t need a baby sitter
  • Don’t need to rush to appointments

Ways to communicate: Skype, chat room, face to face (if in Wanganui area), journal or via telephone

Feeling Suicidal? This service is not intended for suicidal and other emergencies which require a more immediate form of help. If you have serious thoughts of committing suicide, or you feel your problem is so severe you just can’t take any more, you could do one of the following: Phone a local emergency helpline Phone a trusted friend, colleague or relative and ask them to talk or come over right away. Contact the psychiatric department of a major hospital in your city or talk to your general practitioner

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